Town Council Elections

6th May 2021

Vote Conservative

Pride for our future

with respect to our heritage

Our vision

Pride for our future

with respect to our heritage

Our vision


Irthlingborough Conservatives



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our vision for the community


We intend to be positive, proactive and dynamic to meet the objectives and challenges for creating a town and community that we can all be proud of

Making Irthlingborough a better place

Our key aims are to ensure that we all have a personal responsibility for our actions, we should be treat each other with respect – fairly and without prejudice. We believe in the rule of law, diversity, community and enterprise.

We are forward looking with consideration for our local heritage, but it is our great future that needs to be delivered for everyone in the town.

Irthlingborough Conservatives Candidates


At local level, the Conservative Party has achieved the following over the past five years

Neighbourhood Plan

We have been working on the Neighbourhood Plan to ensure the development of the town reflects the aims and aspirations of the people of Irthlingborough


Free to use

outdoor gym has been well received since opening last year

Recreational improvements

We have provided two new skate parks in the town which have been widely used

Derelict sites

Derelict sites are an eyesore and do not have any positive effect on the town. We are pleased to have been involved in the regeneration of the town as well as creating new retail outlets

Free parking

Free parking and toilets are essential in the town and we are pleased to say this has been maintained